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What is a commercial real estate listing? In the brokerage community, it's most commonly referred to as a guaranteed paycheck for the broker. Whether the broker does any work or not, they still get paid. While this is true, the attitude of how the broker services the listing is most important and can be assessed by a deeper level of understanding before engaging the broker to list your property or business for sale or lease.

  • For example, does the broker have the time to service the listing?
  • What kind of timeline does the broker estimate for days on market? Does that work for a short or long position to the owners?
  • Does the Broker have a network of buyers or tenants that can acquire the real estate?
  • What are the brokers marketing tools? Are they willing to cold call to find a tenant or buyer that you need as a property owner?
  • Has the broker sold or leased property or businesses similar to the property you have to offer?

These are all valuable points to consider when selecting a broker to represent you. Another key point to keep in mind is the brokers tenacity to bring an interested buyer or tenant to the finish line once they have identified your offering as a serious possibility. At Regal North Commercial, the extensive amount of transaction experience as well as the ability to quantify information helps clients determine whether the liklihood of their offering is realistic to the market and likely to move.

Portfolio Building and Analysis

These are all valuable questions that an experienced Broker can help you with. As a boutique firm, Regal North Commercial focuses on a select group of clients that are interested in building not only a great portfolio, but a sincere relationship as well.

Not only contributing years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to a deal, Regal North also considers business metrics and a client's lifestyle when advising. Every decision requires good measure and integrity, which is why Regal North opened as Anchorage's premier real estate and business boutique to serve Alaskans and those coming to Alaska.

Business Brokerage Services

Selling or buying a business can be a complex process, which is why hiring a Broker that has a commercial mindset is critical to the transaction's success. The Broker not only must be able to analyze a variety of the businesses components, but also have a network of relevant experts such as attorneys, CPA's, and contractors around them to help bring a deal together. Additionally, the Broker's creative ability to add tips or resources to the business in preparing it for sale, or in a Buyer's case, asking a lender to finance a deal is important to assess before engaging a Broker.

Regal North Commercial provides specialized Business Brokerage services to clients looking to sell as a private or public offering, as well as helping Buyers identify both performing or non-performing businesses to acquire.

Make your Relationship Count

It's true, many deals get done on the golf course, however, checking on how active your broker is can be very important. In a market full of aging real estate professionals, sometimes taking a look at whether the broker has the energy to service you is essential to your success. Just like selecting a doctor, if your doctor got his or he license 20 years ago and is rich enough that they only see a few patients per week, are they really the best doctor for you? Selecting a broker that can keep up with a rapidly changing and global business environment ensures that your transaction is receiving the latest and most relative information for its success. Just because your broker has been doing business since your grandparents last purchase, doesn't mean that they are on the cutting edge or informed about what's going on.

About Regal North

Regal North Commercial is a real estate boutique located in Anchorage, Alaska, specializing in business relocation, sales, and leasing.

Our mission is to provide hands on service to businesses in order to enhance our local business climate.

Our team is built on a unique approach to sales & leasing that provides both the needed attention and protection to companies that are in the role of buyers or tenants, while considering relevant market trends and influences shaping our local, regional, and global markets.

Regal North's business model is designed to address real estate matters affecting a business; in particular, finding a prime location for a company's unique needs. By understanding what makes a client's business successful, we strive to identify a property that best represents the services in which our clients have to offer.

Networking with local businesses is key to growing a community where success is measured by the company you keep.

Regal North Commercial has arrived to help companies transition with clarity and peace of mind.

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